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Are you looking to lose a few inches around your middle?

If so, we can help, with our two great services.

We have the ultimate slimming machine called the Eurowave. Let’s face it; most of us have some problem areas that no matter what we do, we can NOT get rid of the lumps and bumps. The Eurowave gives you instant specific inch loss. It is designed with Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology, which was developed in the early 1970’s for astronauts needing fast reshaping of muscles. It is used today by many professional athletes and body builders, to supplement their regular workout routines. Physiotherapists, sports doctors and many other doctors use the EMS units to rehabilitate injured muscles and ease patients chronic muscle spasms and pain. EMS works by gently passing an electrical current through the muscle which stimulates the muscle to work by contracting and relaxing. It builds core muscle strength and one 18 minute treatment is the equivalent of 200 sit-ups. It tones muscles and works painlessly, quickly and effectively while you are lying down.

If you want to lose a few extra inches, then why not try out Eurowave. This is an electric firming treatment that specifically targets your problem areas. Pads are positioned on parts of the body that you want to work on, like stomach, hips or thighs. As you lie back relaxed, an electric signal is sent to the pads via leads. Each signal makes your muscles contract and release as if you were exercising.

After just one 18 minute session, our tester had lost a total of five and one half inches and it stayed off for 5 days.

It is recommended that 3 sessions are taken in the first week, and followed by 2 sessions per week thereafter for the duration of the course of treatments for maximum results.

As the Eurowave is new to Ontario, we are offering an introductory trial session, to show, rather than tell you, that nothing compares to feeling the treatment work.

Start your body transformation today. What have you got to lose except inches?

Please call now to book your Eurowave $10.00 trial session.